Monday, December 12, 2005

What Ever Happened toThe Cast of Annie, The Movie?

What Ever Happened to- The cast of the 80’s musical Annie?

We just bought the musical Annie for my three-year-old (she loves it.) It was one of my favorite movies growing up. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that I had red hair. I even used the song “Maybe” for my SUCCESSFUL audition into The Dallas Girl’s Chorus. I’m sure they heard a million Annie songs that day.
I think I was just as excited to see the movie as my daughter was. I sung a long and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but to wonder what happened to the cast. I ended up doing a little Googling (of course.) I’m not covering all of the cast members at this point. I may add more later.

Albert Finney (Daddy Oliver Warbucks)- One of the more famous cast members (and successful.) He has done about 35 movies since Annie. He mostly does dramatic roles.

Carol Burnett (Miss Hannigan)- Carol Burnett, of The Carol Burnett Show fame is, again, another very successful cast member whose roots lie in comedy. . She has had about 20 projects since Annie. If I’m not mistaken, she has had a very successful plastic surgery as well.

Anne Reinking (Grace Farrell)- We really can’t measure her success by the number of movies whe’s done, as her roots lie in dance and choreography. She has had quite a few projects, including the recent “Mad Hot Ballroom.” She won a Tony award in 1997 for her choreography in the revival of the Broadway musical “Chicago.”

Aileen Quinn (Annie)- When Aileen was cast as Annie, she was working in the Broadway Musical as an orphan understudy. She was a swing orphan, meaning she knew all of the parts and could perform any of them as needed. She was onstage 67 times in the production.
Annie was her big movie role. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for :
Actress In A Leading Role - Musical Or Comedy
New Star Of The Year- Annie
Aileen went to college after high school and has been acting on stage since. She has been in many successful shows including “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” Aileen has done voices in a couple of movies, including “Charmkins,” and “The Frog Prince” as well. Apparently she is filming a movie called “30” , but apparently, her love lies in the stage.

Geoffrey Holder (Punjab)- Geoffrey has had the most varied career of all of the actors as far as I can tell. Like Reinhold, he started as a dancer. .He was a successful painter and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in Painting. Later, he directed The Wiz on Broadway and won a Tony award for that stint.

Later, he did the narrator’s voice for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 2005. He did a voice for the children’s TV series “Bear in the Big Blue House.” He’s done a few other movies and continues to paint.
DH wondered if he was gay. After four pages of Google I gave up looking.

Amanda/Mandy Peterson (dancer)- I also couldn’t help but notice that the chick from “Can’t Buy me Love” with Patrick Dempsey played an orphan in the movie. She was just a generic orphan, but I was curious about her too. Apparently, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was her one big movie (If you want to call it big.) She has done a few TV movies and appearances since then. She doesn’t seem to have done anything since 1995.
Right now, I can’t find exactly what has happened to her. Here are two rumors I found though-

"Amanda is currently happily married and residing in the beautiful Napa Valley with her husband, David Hartley and their son Jonathon and daughter Katie."

"Unfortunately Amanda's life isn't as glamorous as it used to be. She has an 18 month old daughter who was removed from her custody briefly a year ago due to Amanda breastfeeding her while she was doing drugs. Her ex-boyfriend, the baby's dad, was arrested for domestic violence against her. She also has a mental illness diagnosis. She had a lot going for her, but couldn't keep up with the lifestyle.”

Rosanne Sorrintino (Pepper)- Rosanne played the o-so-saucy Pepper. Rosanne apparently played Annie one of the productions when she was 12. It doesn’t appear that she’s done anything since. I can’t find what happened to her.

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